How it Works

StayApart is a unique platform which helps Buyers to make proficient decisions in their holiday home purchase and still being Cost Effective. We’ll be providing you the best deals through our “Group Buying” scheme.

Group Buying is also known is also known as collective Buying for getting best deals for buyers. This scheme will harness the power of Group Buying and empowers individual Buyer to get substantial volume discounts which are almost unachievable individually. We bring to you the latest properties available in the market and induce a group of buyers to show interest in the same and then help them get discounts on the same. We are also open to buyers suggesting properties they are interested in to help them bring together more buyers for the specified property and seek discounts.

Follow these simple three steps:

  1. 1. Register: (link to form) Register to participate in our current projects Or provide us with your specifications and location preference so that we can address your needs in new/upcoming projects
  2. 2. Join Hands with other buyers with StayApart, become a part of an influential buyer cluster, coming together with other buyers similar needs.
  3. 3. Buy Your Property with Substantial Price Discounts Finalize the property of your choice with substantial price discounts negotiated with the developer by StayApart.